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Life Learning is a unique, authentic, and ground-breaking source of information about and support for home education, unschooling, self-directed education, and life learning.

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Pat Farenga on John Holt
Image © Holt Associates

A Life Worth Living and a Job Worth Doing - Patrick Farenga talks with Life Learning Magazine Editor Wendy Priesnitz about John Holt, unschooling, and life. Read more.

unschooling changes a mom too
Image © Susie Maguire

How Unschooling My Son Also Changed Me by Susie Maguire - A life learning mother has found that unschooling her son has  changed her outlook on life. Read more.

Andre Stern interview
Image © Pauline Stern

A Life of Learning and Passion by Edith Chabot-Laflamme - French grown unschooler and musician André Stern talks about self-directed learning and his unschooling son. Read more.

the average giraffe
Image © Shutterstock

The Average Giraffe by David H. Albert - Common knowledge about giraffe behavior is based on the average zoo giraffe. Research into child development is based on kids who attend school. Read more.

at ease with all ages
Image © Shutterstock

Unschooling Socialization by Sara Schmidt - Living life without school means that unschoolers grow up free from age segregation. They are at ease with people of all ages. Read more.

Image © Shutterstock

What is "Life Learning"? - We use "life learning" to describe a form of homeschooling that trusts and respects children, and that avoids the trappings of school.   Read more.

"When [John Holt's publication] Growing Without Schooling stopped publication [in 2001], Life Learning became the leading journal of the unschooling movement. It is packed with well-written articles about the philosophy and practice of unschooling."  ~ Dr. Peter Gray, Freedom to Learn blog, Psychology Today


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