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A free, web-based source of support and information about interest-based, learner-directed education for all ages (also known as life learning, unschooling, natural learning, and free-range learning). Life Learning Magazine was founded in 2002, so there are hundreds of articles on this site, and more are being added daily (now over 300). Check them out here.
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Life Learning Magazine 2015 Annual - Our 2015 Annual contains all the articles published in 2015 in one reasonably priced, indexed, PDF-format e-book. Read more.

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Mastering my Education - A foundation of self-directed, home-based learning allowed this young woman to create her ideal post-secondary education. Read more.

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Living and Learning Science - Observation and appreciation increase when you erase the boundaries created by classroom walls and textbooks. Read more.

educators secret
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The Educator's Secret and Modern Stupidity - Since no two children are identical, there cannot be one best way to educate all of them. Read more.

educators dilemma
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The Educator's Dilemma and the Two Big Lies - An educator and parent explains why kids don't need school, and why it doesn't provide a real education. Read more.

learning history
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World History, Cricket, and the Eye of the Beholder - Many people lose the desire to explore history thinking it is about dates, location, and dead people. Read more.

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Run Bus Car Broken: Learning Through Storytelling - We make sense of our experience through stories, and we impose a linear structure on confusing events. Read more.

learning informally
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Learning Informally - What life learning parents taught an educational researcher (and can teach the world) about the nature of learning. Read more.

Life Learning Teens

Families of young children often wonder what unschooling looks like for teens and young adults. Here are some profiles of adults who learned without school, and articles by and about life learning teens. You can read many more like this by checking out our article index page.

Interview with Grown Unschooler Idzie Desmarais

Homeschoolers Prospering in the Real World

When Unschooled Kids Grow Up


Here at Life Learning Magazine, we coined the term "life learning" to describe a form of homeschooling that trusts and respects children, and that avoids the trappings of school. Here are some more articles that explore definitions. And check out our definitions page for even more on this topic.

Understanding Unschooling

Living As If School Doesn't Exist

Free-Range Learning: A Dialogue

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