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Meet our Editor Wendy Priesnitz and read what she says about the magazine she founded in 2002.

boy and LEGO
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The Mother He Needs by Sarah E. Parent - This unschooling mom writes about offering our children the freedom that they need and deserve, rather than what other people think they should have. Read more.

college stories
Image © Shutterstock

College Stories by Susan Gaissert - A mother compares her high school and college experiences with what her unschooled daughter learned about college: "It is just one place where plants can grow." Read more.

unschooler takes test
Image © Shutterstock

Filling in the Dots by Suzanne Malakoff - A ten-year-old life learner decides she wants to take a test, and the whole family gains some insights into learning, measuring, and living life. Read more.

trusting teens
Image © Shutterstock

Doing Our Unschooling Best by Wendy Priesnitz - Unschooling is about learning from life; we should put aside our worries, definitions, and methods...and simply trust our children to learn. Read more.

unschooling not unparticipating
Image © Jennifer Head

Unschooling is Not "Unparticipating by Idzie Desmarais & Jennifer Head - Two responses to criticisms of unschooling that it shelters children from the real world and restricts what they learn. Read more.

Image © Shutterstock

What is "Life Learning"? - We use "life learning" to describe homeschooling that trusts and respects children, and that avoids the trappings of school. It's also sometimes called "unschooling."  Read more.

"When [John Holt's publication] Growing Without Schooling stopped publication [in 2001], Life Learning Magazine became the leading journal of the unschooling movement. The magazine is packed with well-written articles about the philosophy and practice of unschooling."  ~ Dr. Peter Gray, Freedom to Learn blog, Psychology Today


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